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Kinesis contoured keyboards are based on a unique, patented design that minimizes the pain and strain typists experience from heavy use of conventional computer keyboards. The Advantage offers ergonomic and programmability features most suitable for the everyday computer user.

Information Sheet on the Kinesis Advantage Contoured Keyboard Line in PDF format.

Advantage (basic programmable) models
This is the most popular and versatile model of the Kinesis contoured keyboard family. The Advantage USB contoured keyboard sets a new standard for ergonomic keyboards. The Advantage line incorporates the same advanced ergonomic design as other contoured keyboards by Kinesis and delivers additional features not found on other USB keyboards. Easily customized, it is optimal for most computer users. You can buy the accessories you need without paying for things you won't use.

What Makes this Keyboard Ergonomic?

The ergonomic design resulted from two years of research and testing and has proven itself in over six years of commercial use. Kinesis contoured keyboards are prescribed by physicians and placed by physical and occupational therapists dealing with keyboard-related repetitive strain injuries. They offer a wide range of features which make them an excellent choice for anyone who is not a hunt and peck typist, and seeking to reduce the pain and fatigue from typing, or prevent problems arising from typing activity.

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Why Should I Buy this Keyboard?

(Very helpful in determining whether this keyboard is right for you)

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Instant configuration for Mac, PC and Non-Windows PC environments, including Mac and Windows Legended keycaps. No drivers required, only requirement is one free USB port.

Layout Options for the Advantage contoured keyboard

Model Numbers

Keyboard Specifications:

Keyboard Dimensions:

  • Width: 16.5 inches
  • Height: 2.9 inches
  • Depth (front-to-back): 8 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Front Slope: 10 degrees
  • Lateral Tilt ("thumbs up"): 20 degrees
  • Center Separation: 6.75 inches

FOOTSWITCHES (Optional; single and triple available)

  • Default is 'Keypad Shift' (numeric keypad mode is enabled until footswitch is released)
  • Second default footswitch action is 'Shift'
  • Programmable when used with programmable keyboards


  • User's Manual
  • Adaptation Materials
  • Self-adhesive Silver (for White Models) or Black (for Black models) Palm Pads

Key Action Specifications:


  • Full travel, tactile mechanical keyswiches: 68
  • Peak Force: 1.59 oz. or 45 grams
  • Pre-travel: 2 mm
  • Total Travel: 4 mm
  • Keyswitch Life: 50 million operations
  • Audible or silent click mode available


  • Elastomeric keyswitches: 18
  • Soft Tactile action


  • Numeric keypad actions: 18
  • Windows 95 key actions: 3
  • International key actions: 2
  • Other programmable key actions: 60


  • Two Year Limited Warranty


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