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HandshoeMouse SHIFT from Hippus

Advantage360 & Advantage360 PRO Contoured Keyboards

The NEW Advantage360 and 360 PRO Contoured Keyboards from Kinesis Corporation offer the same performance and ergonomics-focused 3-dimensional keywell design of earlier Advantage Contoured models but now includes enhanced ergonomic capabilities. Both models now offer the freedom of a fully split keyboard to permit individual splay and spread of the keyboard halves and are equipped with Gateron Brown low-force tactile switches. The keyboard modules offer 3 angles of tenting (low, medium, and high) that can be used to enhance the natural degree of tenting created by the recessed keywell design. The basic Advantage360 is a corded keyboard with the modules connected via a linking cable that offers 9 inches of separation and high quality PBT keycaps. It is equipped with the powerful SmartSet Programming engine that offers expansive programming options. The Advantage360 PRO model is fully bluetooth, eliminating ALL cables. The PRO also offers adjustable global white backlighting with shine-through ABS keycaps. The PRO model offers even more advanced programming options through the use of the open-source ZMK Programming Engine making it suited to those with at least some degree of programming experience.

For more information on the Advantage360 Contoured Keyboards see our online catalog.

HandshoeMouse SHIFT from Hippus

HandshoeMouse SHIFT

The NEW HandshoeMouse SHIFT from Hippus is the latest version of the HandshoeMouse. Unlike earlier models that were soley for either Right OR Left usage, this model "SHIFTS" from Right to Left with ease. Featuring a new ambidextrous design that retains the anatomically-derived ergonomics of the original HandshoeMouse, the HandshoeMouse SHIFT is ideal for individuals desiring to load-balance their mouse usage between both hands. The rechargeable SHIFT is able to operate as either a Bluetooth wireless device or as a traditional Corded mouse. Like earlier HandshoeMouse models, the new SHIFT is also available in multiple sizes that will let almost anyone find a suitable fit.

For more information on the HandshoeMouse SHIFT, see our online catalog.

Featured Products

PUREis3 PU213 Series Chair from Interstuhl

PUREis3 Office Chairs - Series PU113 and PU213

The PURE Office Chairs from InterStuhl truly are true "active" seating solutions. The innovative design responds to every movement that is made, following the body to provide support while still permitting almost unfettered movement. Virtually adjustment-free, PUREis3 chairs separate themselves from traditional office chair design, permitting natural freedom of movement. The cushioned seat rocks and shifts, proving a sensation of almost floating while the backrests (available in Mesh or Fabric) flex and follow natural torso movement. When movement is desired these chairs offer PURE comfort.

For more information on this chair, see our online catalog.

LEVO G2 Deluxe Floor Stand for iPads, Tablets and eReaders by Levo

LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand by Levo

Laptop users are now able to enjoy the same convenience that readers and tablet users have been experiencing for years. The LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand further expands the LEVO family of products by adding a laptop solution alongside the existing Tablet and Book holders. Not only that, the Rolling Laptop Workstation also has accessories available that easily convert it for use with either tablets or traditional books and magazines. With the LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation it is now possible to relax in the comfort of your favourite chair or even on the bed, while at the same time positioning your laptop for improved ergonomics and comfort. And, once your work is done for the day, you can use the optional accessories to switch to your tablet for some family facetime or to escape into your favourite novel.

The LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation stand features a heavy 20 pound base that ensures stability for laptops up to 17". Easy rolling casters let the stand be easily positioned to optimize both comfort and ergonomics or for movement between locations or rooms. The telescoping design features easily operated cam locks for platform height adjustment to any point between 22" and 40". At 40" it even provides sufficient elevation to be used as a temporary standing workstation for users up to about 5'6". The 12.75" hourglass-shaped base rises just 3.75" from the floor, permitting it to roll below a majority of beds and furniture, bringing it as close to the user as possible. Where there is insufficient clearance to roll beneath a chair the hourglass shape lets it tuck in around a corner. The lateral arm extends the centre of the laptop platform 14" from the upright, sufficient to centre the keyboard in front of the user in most applications.

The laptop platform itself, at 16.5" x 11.25", is large enough to accommodate up to 17" laptops and, with the optional book adapter kit, even fairly large books. And tablets are just as easily accommodated with the interchangeable Tablet Cradle Accessory.

The LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand is a highly versatile solution that offers a great way to improve laptop ergonomics in the home environment, especially where space is limited and setting up a dedicated workstation is not an option. With its simple clean lines it can blend into most environments, becoming part of the decor. And with the optional accessories it can easily be as useful for relaxation and entertainment as is for work.

For more information on this mobile laptop stand, see our online catalog.

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