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ErgoCanada is excited to announce the following recent product releases and events, including:

New Products

Ergo Pro Keyboard by Matias

Ergo Pro Keyboard by Matias

The Ergo Pro keyboard by Matias is the world's first adjustable, separated mechanical keyswitch keyboard. The heavy duty design ensures that this essential input device will hold up to the most intense workloads for high performance demanding users. The Matias Quick Click mechanical keyswitches provide superior tactile feedback and faster typing speeds often associated with mechanical keyswitches without the accompanying 'click' of the switch and 'clack' of when the key bottoms out. The two sections are connected by a 17" bridging cable which allows flexibility of positioning the modules to prevent twisting at the shoulders, elbows or wrists.

The feet on the Ergo Pro can provide two mutually exclusive orientations for the keyboard. The modules can be laterally tented 9° to create a 'thumbs up' posture to reduce pronation while typing, or alternatively the inclination of the keyboard (which is neutral by default) can be adjusted to a negative inclination of 4.5°. The efficient symmetrical design yields a compact lateral footprint of 14.5", and this combined with the embedded numeric keypad greatly reduces the reach to the mouse. The spacious generously padded palm supports are securely bolted to the keyboard, but can be removed if desired.

The Matias keyswitches also provide better resistance to crumbs and dust, with a keyswitch rating of 50 million keystrokes. The keycap legends are laser etched and will not wear off even for intense users. Bonus features include a 3-port hi-speed USB 2.0 hub and special Anti-Ghosting circuitry, which enables the user to type as fast as they want without the fear of dropped characters. The Ergo Pro is available in both a PC and Mac model.

For more information on the Ergo Pro Keyboard, see the Keyboards - Adjustable/Separated product line page in our online catalog.


One Touch Ultra for PC or iMac from ErgoTech Group

One Touch Ultra for PC or iMac from ErgoTech Group

The One Touch Ultra for PC or iMac from ErgoTech Group is an electric motorized desk add-on unit for creating a sit-stand workspace using an existing desk. The Ultra has two worksurface areas: one upper surface for placing documents or other desk objects and one lower surface for keyboard and mouse. Different monitor mounting kits can then be added to mount monitors using a VESA plate mechanism.

The Ultra holds up to four 27" monitors at once (with a combined weight capacity up to 100 lbs) and has a height adjustable range of 20". By default the basic unit comes with a desk clamp mount, but grommet, rail, or wall mounts are also available at extra cost. In addition, laptop mounting hardware is available as an option using the same mechanism within the monitor mounting system.

The One Touch Ultra comes with a base unit (including electric motor, a center monitor mounting pole, upper 13"x36" and lower surface [13"x36" or 17"x36"] worksurfaces) and a desk clamp mount. Monitor Mounting Kits are purchased in addition to the base unit and desk clamp. Which kit to choose depends on how many monitors you wish to use.

For more information on the One Touch Ultra for PC or iMac, see the Sit-Stand Solutions - Portable page in our online catalog.


Featured Products

Gooseneck Desk Clamp Tablet Holder from AIData

Gooseneck Desk Clamp Universal Tablet Holder from AIData

This universal tablet holder clamps to any desk up to 2.25" thick and provides maximum reaches of 20.5" horizontal and 21" vertical. Now any tablet (Apple, Samsung, etc.) at least 6.75" wide can be positioned at the optimal location in the workstation. They can be put alongside the monitor (for viewing) and brought in closer when input or access is required. The black gooseneck provides sufficient resistance to allow the full use of the tablet without undesired movement.

For more information on the Gooseneck Desk Clamp Universal Tablet Holder, see the Tablet Products page in our online catalog.


Locus Seat by Focal Upright Furniture

Locus Seat by Focal Upright Furniture

The Locus Seat is the 'next generation' of lean-to (or -into) stools, with its unique design which permits forward and backward movement through a secure 'pivot point' and integrated foot platform. Rather than just reduce the workload on the legs by taking the weight of the upper body (which traditional lean-to stools accomplish), the movement capabilities will allow the Locus to move with the user as they perform tasks. This is the ultimate embodiment of the more portable Mobis Seat which provides an all-day 24-7 seating solution which fits the bill of even the most intensive worker while supporting the body in a relaxed, upright posture. Its height-adjustable design accommodates people from 4'11" to 6'8" making it perfect for anyone to use with a worksurface at the appropriate height. The Locus is ideal for anyone creating a workstation which includes sitting or standing, by providing an 'in-between' seating option that makes the transition to standing for the user almost effortless. The Locus offers enough support to keep fatigue at bay, while still allowing the seat to move with the user as they turn from side to side, and flex forward from 5º to 20º and laterally 15º. While offering many real benefits improving comfort and ergonomics, the Locus is also a uniquely styled seating option that will make a positive statement about not only the workplace but also the occupant of the workstation.

Available in Black or White Laminate finish on the foot platform, and Black, Red or Orange seat colours. An optional fitted black anti-fatigue mat is strongly recommended.

For more information on the Locus Seat, see the Chairs - Industrial product line page in our online catalog.


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