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New Products


MultiRite Document Holder and Writing Slope from Posturite

MultiRite Document Holder and Writing Slope from Posturite

The MultiRite Document Holder and Writing Slope is the newest edition of Posturite's popular desk accessory. Placed on the desk between the keyboard and monitor, the MultiRite keeps reference materials and handwriting projects directly in front of the user. By reducing the need to twist or reach outside the Comfort Zone, and by providing stable support for the hand and arm, this hard-working accessory offers significant ergonomic benefits to those whose job involves reading, handwriting or jotting down notes at a computer workstation.

The easel on the MultiRite supports sheets of paper, heavy binders or books, positioning them all at a comfortable angle for reading. The easel is made of rigid frosted acrylic with a low metal ledge at the lower edge to keep papers in place. Gliding on smooth ball bearing tracks, the easel can also be pulled down towards the user up to 6.5" to provide a spacious, stable surface that floats above the keyboard, eliminating the need to reach over the keyboard when handwriting. When the handwriting task is complete, the easel slides easily back into its original position and is secured in place by a magnet. Rubber feet on the heavy duty plate metal base prevent the MultiRite from shifting on the desk during use. A storage compartment beneath the easel keeps pens, pencils, paper clips and other small desk essentials close at hand.

This newest version of the MultiRite offers two ranges of slope adjustment from 3º to 33, with a smaller footprint base than previous models. This slope allows the MultiRite to cantilever the easel 1.5" below the desktop without sacrificing stability, making the MultiRite compatible with dual height worksurfaces (and articulating keyboard arms).

The MultiRite Document Holder and Writing Slope is available in three sizes: Large (23.6" wide), Medium (20.4" wide), and Small (14.6" wide). (Note: Please refer to "Maximum Keyboard Width" under the Specifications heading on the Detailed Specifications page to be sure the chosen size will fit over the keyboard.)

For more information on the MultiRite Document Holder and Writing Slope, see the Accessories - Document Holders product line page in our online catalog.

Winston Workstation Triple from Innovative

Winston Workstation Triple from Innovative

The Winston Workstation Triple from Innovative is a height-adjustable sit-stand add-on unit that converts almost any sit-only desk into a sit-stand desk. This all-in-one unit will raise a keyboard, mouse, or other desk accessories, including three monitors, to whatever standing height you need them (up to 17.0" above desk height for the keyboard platform; up to 40.0" above desk height to the middle of your monitor).

The keyboard platform (30" W x 18" D) and monitor mounts (100 x 100 mm VESA compatible) are independently height-adjustable for the user's specific requirements, whether sitting or standing.* The Winston uses a heavy metal base to stabilize the unit so that it can be positioned anywhere on the desk surface without having to clamp or bolt it to the desk. Adjusting the height of the keyboard platform is as easy as pressing a button located on the right side of the keyboard platform.

With appropriate accessories, the triple unit can be upgraded to a quad unit or extended triple unit (for wider monitor sizes). Call for details.

For more information on the Winston Workstation Triple, see the Sit-Stand Solutions - Portable product line page in our online catalog.


Featured Products

EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit Stand Stool by Mey Chairs

EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit Stand Stool by Mey Chairs

The EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit-Stand Stool from Mey Chair Systems offers users looking for a sturdy leaning or sitting stool a larger-than-average seating surface, combined with extra cushioning for superior comfort. Height adjustment ranges from 27" to 38" and is accomplished via a gas spring that also serves as a shock absorber to help absorb impact as the user sits down. (Note: Users under 5'6" may find this seat too high; taller users might benefit from its greater upper range which can accommodate individuals up to 6'6".)

The EZSIT Comfort Elite models were developed in response to user feedback about other options in sit-stand seating. Many users found the seats and backs on other models too small and narrow, making those models uncomfortable for extended work sessions. The EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit-Stand Stool, with its increased cushioning and greater surface areas, can provide comfort and support to users small and large, and for lengthy work sessions. The large 18.7" by 13" seat tilts from 0° to 15° and generous padding provides support without sacrificing comfort. Model 11122 includes a matching, heavily padded oversized back with a shallow curvature to accommodate broad-backed individuals. Independent angle adjustment on the back of this model ensures that a comfortable upright posture can be maintained regardless of the chosen seat angle.

Users who have adopted a leaning or semi-seated stance over either traditional seating or full-time standing might well appreciate the extra comfort offered by the EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit Stand Stool.

For more information on the EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit-Stand Stool, see the Furniture - Chairs Industrial product line page in our online catalog.


Confluence Conference Table by Focal Upright Furniture

Confluence Conference Table by Focal Upright Furniture

Confluence Conference Tables from Focal Upright Furniture carry the trend towards active working from the office to the conference room. Designed to be used while standing, or while leaning on a sit-stand stool (such as the Mobis or Mogo Seats), these adjustable-height tables help users to remain active and engaged for the duration of a meeting, resulting in more productive and effective collaborations.

The Confluence Conference Tables feature a sturdy, eco-friendly manually operated base with dual hand-cranks, making them easy to adjust from either end. The tables can be adjusted for optimum height anywhere between 36" and 48". A heavy stainless steel base and footrail provide stability for the table as well as a convenient footrest for standing users. The footrail also offers a natural bracing point for users of the Focal Upright Mobis Seat or Mogo Stool and other types of leaning seats.

The Confluence table top is available in several finishes. Neutral Matte Black and Glacier White laminate finishes are available for the classic office environment; White Oak and Black Walnut wood veneer are available for those who wish to make a statement. The innovative and practical Dry Erase White Board table top provides an interactive surface for creative group brainstorming. All models feature a convenient cable hatch in the centre that permits cables, power cords, and markers to be stored neatly away, without restricting easy access to these items.

For more information on the Confluence Conference Table, see the Sit-Stand Solutions - Manual product line page in our online catalog.



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