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New Products

EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit-Stand Stool

EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit Stand Stool by Mey Chairs

The EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit-Stand Stool from Mey Chair Systems offers users looking for a sturdy leaning or sitting stool a larger-than-average seating surface, combined with extra cushioning for superior comfort. Height adjustment ranges from 27" to 38" and is accomplished via a gas spring that also serves as a shock absorber to help absorb impact as the user sits down. (Note: Users under 5'6" may find this seat too high; taller users might benefit from its greater upper range which can accommodate individuals up to 6'6".)

The EZSIT Comfort Elite models were developed in response to user feedback about other options in sit-stand seating. Many users found the seats and backs on other models too small and narrow, making those models uncomfortable for extended work sessions. The EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit-Stand Stool, with its increased cushioning and greater surface areas, can provide comfort and support to users small and large, and for lengthy work sessions. The large 18.7" by 13" seat tilts from 0° to 15° and generous padding provides support without sacrificing comfort. Model 11122 includes a matching, heavily padded oversized back with a shallow curvature to accommodate broad-backed individuals. Independent angle adjustment on the back of this model ensures that a comfortable upright posture can be maintained regardless of the chosen seat angle.

Users who have adopted a leaning or semi-seated stance over either traditional seating or full-time standing might well appreciate the extra comfort offered by the EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit Stand Stool.

For more information on theEZSIT Comfort Elite Sit-Stand Stool, see the Furniture - Chairs Industrial product line page in our online catalog.


TREWGrip Mobile Dock

TREWGrip Mobile Dock from TREWGrip

The TREWGrip Mobile Dock is a handheld, dual-mode keyboard/air mouse or keyboard/game controller that allows users to interact with mobile devices, smart TVs and VR/AR technology whether sitting, standing, or on the go. The two-sided device features TREWGrip's "Universal Dock" which, when combined with Bluetooth HID connectivity, allows users to turn any smart phone, phablet or mini-tablet into a mobile productivity tool.

The back of the device provides a traditional QWERTY key layout, split and rotated to allow users to perform ten-finger text entry with the hands in a vertical, "palms in" position. The front offers navigation keys, modifier keys, and illuminated key actuation indicators. Mouse movement and game interactions can be controlled by simply tilting and turning the device.

The TREWGrip Mobile Dock comes with comfortable handgrips, available in sizes large, medium or small.

For more information on the TREWGrip Mobile Dock, see the Keyboards - Adjustable/Separated page in our online catalog.


Featured Products

Electric Kangaroo Elite

Electric Kangaroo Elite from Ergo Desktop

The Electric Kangaroo Elite is an electric motorized version of the standard Kangaroo Elite. Like the standard Kangaroo Elite, the Electric Elite is a desktop add-on unit which converts any ordinary desk into a sit-stand desk. It is free-standing (no clamping required) and easily moved to any position on your desk. The main keyboard platform adjusts up or down by an electric motor (activated by a button switch), and is 28" wide and 24" deep with height-adjustability up to 20.5" above the desk, which will accommodate individuals who are up to 6' 8" tall. Monitors are attached to the monitor mounts using the standard VESA plates requiring 75 mm x 75 mm or 100 mm x 100 mm hole patterns. These monitor mounts allow for panning, tilting, or rotating the monitors from landscape to portrait positions. In addition, the monitors can be height-adjusted 6.5" independently of the keyboard platform using the gas cylinder mechanism.

For more information on the Electric Kangaroo Elite, see the Furniture - Sit/Stand Solutions Portable page in our online catalog.


Ergo Pro Keyboard by Matias

Ergo Pro Keyboard by Matias

The Ergo Pro keyboard by Matias is the world's first adjustable, separated mechanical keyswitch keyboard. The heavy duty design ensures that this essential input device will hold up to the most intense workloads for high performance demanding users. The Matias Quick Click mechanical keyswitches provide superior tactile feedback and faster typing speeds often associated with mechanical keyswitches without the accompanying 'click' of the switch and 'clack' of when the key bottoms out. The two sections are connected by a 17" bridging cable which allows flexibility of positioning the modules to prevent twisting at the shoulders, elbows or wrists.

The feet on the Ergo Pro can provide two mutually exclusive orientations for the keyboard. The modules can be laterally tented 9° to create a 'thumbs up' posture to reduce pronation while typing, or alternatively the inclination of the keyboard (which is neutral by default) can be adjusted to a negative inclination of 4.5°. The efficient symmetrical design yields a compact lateral footprint of 14.5", and this combined with the embedded numeric keypad greatly reduces the reach to the mouse. The spacious generously padded palm supports are securely bolted to the keyboard, but can be removed if desired.

The Matias keyswitches also provide better resistance to crumbs and dust, with a keyswitch rating of 50 million keystrokes. The keycap legends are laser etched and will not wear off even for intense users. Bonus features include a 3-port hi-speed USB 2.0 hub and special Anti-Ghosting circuitry, which enables the user to type as fast as they want without the fear of dropped characters. The Ergo Pro is available in both a PC and Mac model.

For more information on the Ergo Pro Keyboard, see the Keyboards - Adjustable/Separated product line page in our online catalog.


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