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New Products

Back App Ergonomic Chair from Back App

Back App Ergonomic Chair from Back App

The Back App Ergonomic Chair from Back App was created to gently exercise the core muscles from a seated position. The unique design, featuring Back App's "Magic Ball," puts the chair into a state of slight but constant (and tip-proof) imbalance. With the ball at its centre, the Back App Chair shifts every time the user moves, causing the user to engage the core muscles constantly and almost imperceptibly to reorient and to maintain balance. The degree to which the seat shifts can be adjusted using the Magic Ball. The ball can also be fully retracted to create a rigid base if desired. A rubber bumper pad underneath the aluminum base cushions the movement of the base from side to side, and also serves to protect flooring.

The seat is styled as a saddle, and is heavily cushioned. The seat features a wrap-around bolster to encourage the forward tilt of the pelvis that brings the spine into proper alignment. An optional wheeled base is available for those who prefer to move around the work space. (The range of movement is not affected when the seat is on the mobile base.)

The seat's Alcantara artificial suede covering provides a secure seating surface and is breathable for comfort.

For more information on the Back App Ergonomic Chair, see the Chairs - Office product line page in our online catalog.

Number Slide Compact Keyboard from Posturite

Number Slide Compact Keyboard from Posturite

The Posturite Number Slide Compact Keyboard helps to reduce the risks associated with overreaching for the mouse without sacrificing the convenience of an integrated numeric keypad. Housed within the body of the keyboard, the numeric keypad remains tucked out of the way until needed, allowing the user to keep the mouse within the Comfort Zone. When the number pad is needed, it slides easily and smoothly into position.

The keyboard has soft-touch chiclet (or island-style) keys. At 19 mm, the key pitch (i.e. the distance from the left edge of one key to the left edge of the adjacent key) is the same as the key pitch on a standard-sized keyboard. The keyboard is equipped with two USB ports and has PROTX2™ antimicrobial product protection incorporated into the materials. At only 11.6" wide (with numeric keypad retracted) and 15.3" (with keypad extended) the keyboard is well suited to mobile applications or to occasional use in confined spaces.

For more information on the Posturite Number Slide Compact Keyboard, see the Keyboards - Compact product line page in our online catalog.


Featured Products

Savant Elite2 Foot Pedals

Savant Elite2 Foot Pedals from Kinesis

The Savant Elite2 family of programmable USB foot pedals is available in configurations supporting up to four switches. These switches can be used to reduce the strain on the fingers by offloading repetitive actions such as mouse-clicks or keyboard shortcuts to either one or both feet. Programmed to function as modifier keys (such as Shift, Ctrl, or Alt) the switches can also help to maximize productivity by allowing the user to continue typing without interruption and to access the modifiers near-simultaneously with the feet.

Commands can easily be customized to the needs of the individual user or for specific purposes. Savant Elite2 foot pedals are also ideal for keying-intensive tasks such as programming, data entry, or word processing where repetitive sequences of characters are entered throughout the day.

For more information on the Savant Elite2 Foot Pedals from Kinesis, see the Mice - Footswitches product line page in our online catalog.


TabletRiser from Bakker Elkhuizen

ThermoTread GT Desk Treadmill from iMovR

The new ThermoTread GT Desk Treadmill from iMovR is the first treadmill ever to be designed specifically for "Working While Walking". With the move towards active working the ThermoTread is the ideal treadmill solution for pairing with a sit-stand desk to create a true Walking Workstation.

Rather than attempting to adapt a traditional running treadmill to an office environment iMovR went directly to the drawing board and designed the ThermoTread GT from the ground up. The result is a treadmill built to suit the needs of the office environment--smaller footprint, lower profile, reduced noise levels, lower energy consumption, and most important of all-- safer.

At just 67.5" long the ThermoTread GT can be accommodated in the smallest of workstations while still providing a large 20" by 50" walking surface. The low deck height of 5" enables it to be successfully partnered with a wide range of sit-stand desks. Safety is important with the ThermoTread which is why it has a maximum speed of just 4 kph, a brisk walking pace for most adults. This feature greatly reduces the potential for injuries which can occur with repurposed or adapted treadmills.

The ThermoTread GT is able to offer lower energy consumption and extended life expectancy as the motor and gearing are designed for optimum power at walking speeds. Adapted treadmills are designed for optimum power at higher speeds and can be overloaded by continuous use at walking speeds, significantly reducing their lifespan. The ThermoDesk GT is rated for up to 400 lbs, making it a good choice even for heavier users who wish to move to a more active workstation.

The 1" thick Bakelite deck on the ThermoDesk GT provides a firm surface ideal for walking. The deck is supported by six compression shocks which allow the surface to absorb impact and reduce impact stress on the joints. The convenient touch-control interface of the ThermoDesk GT is placed on the desk surface for easy access and provides users with a full compliment of options for customizing the treadmill to their specific weight, stride length, speed, and desired working pattern. The multiscreen interface enables users to quickly navigate through all settings and adjust them as desired. Up to five user profiles can be stored for fingertip recall. Future software upgrades can easily be downloaded through the integrated USB port.

The upcoming iMovR CloudStation will connect the ThermoTread GT to the "Internet of Things", enabling detailed control of every aspect of the workstation environment by monitoring and controlling office device energy consumption, monitoring and recording treadmill usage, and providing maintenance data from anywhere in the world. It will also enable CloudStation users to access their personal profiles at any CloudStation-equipped ThermTread GT in the world, offering a boundary-free health monitoring network.

For more information on the ThermoTread GT Desk Treadmill from iMovR, see the Furniture - Sit-Stand Solutions - Walking Workstations product line page in our online catalog.


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