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New Products

RollerMouse Free3 by Contour Design

RollerMouse Free3 by Contour Design

The RollerMouse Free3 by Contour Design is the lowest profile RollerMouse model in the RollerMouse family of products. At only 0.9" high, this low profile mouse will seamlessly work with most standard rectangular-style keyboards without getting in the way while typing. The Free3 boasts several improved features over its predecessor, including more and faster speeds (10 speeds from 600 to 2800 dpi), two new buttons for forward and back in most internet browsers, more padding in the new built-in wrist support for added comfort, and an aluminum base on the underside of the unit for increased strength and stability. In addition, the rollerbar has been redesigned with a new sensor, allowing for more precise cursor movements, so that the Free3 can easily move over and work with multiple screens. As many users now work with two or more screens, these added features ensure that the Free3 will easily work with the overall screen size of such users.

The Free3 also comes in either a wired or wireless version, so that those who want to reduce extra wires or complicated cable management have the choice of going wireless. The wireless version has an on/off switch to save on power if needed, as well as a small receiver (USB) that can be securely stored in the magnetized battery housing when not in use.

For more information on the RollerMouse Free3, see the Mice - Alternative product line page in our online catalog.

Imagine Work Surface by Microthin

Imagine Work Surface by Microthin

The Imagine Work Surface by Microthin is an exceptionally thin (0.38 mm) desk pad made of one single ply of antibacterial, chemically inert polyvinylchloride (PVC). The top is ideally suited to provide a precise tracking surface for optical and laser mice. The patented “sure-grip” bottom securely adheres to any smooth surface. Simply clean the mounting surface, press down firmly and the Imagine Work Surface is secured. This desk pad seamlessly integrates on the worksurface and is easily cleaned to the desired degree, using hot water or even soap, industrial cleaners and disinfectants (for applications where hygiene is a prime concern).

The Imagine Work Surface also functions well as a writing surface superior to most common desk surfaces. While protecting the desk surface it provides a convenient surface on which to jot down notes on paper. The surface can even be written on directly with wet erase pens. Due to the matte finish on the pad, there will be no issue with glare off the surface.

The Imagine Work Surface provides plenty of surface area for unrestricted movement of even the largest of specialized ergonomic mice. The large dimensions let users set their mouse pointer speed lower and engage the larger muscles of the arm for mouse movement, rather than relying on micro-movements of the fingers and wrist, actions which greatly increase the risk of RSI and associated injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

For more information on the Imagine Work Surface by Microthin, see the Mouse Accessories product line page in our online catalog.

Featured Products

InsTand Laptop Stand from Carliss

InsTand Laptop Stand from Carliss

The CR1 InsTand Laptop Stand from Carliss is a portable, stable and highly durable laptop stand. The CR1 is ideal for those who primarily use their laptop while sitting but want the ability to move around freely. The 14" to 31" height-adjustment range also ensures the user can find the optimal height at which to work while sitting. Quality building materials make this laptop stand one of the best laptop stands available, with applications including healthcare, journalism, onsite inspections, and stage performing. The patented ergonomic tilt feature allows viewing at angles more suitable for comfort, while the SureGrip surface on the 11" x 13" aluminum tray ensures that any laptop is securely positioned on the tray and prevented from sliding off at medium to high angles.

For more information on the InsTand Laptop Stand from Carliss, see the Laptop Accessories product line page in our online catalog.

Advantage2 Contoured Keyboard by Kinesis

Advantage2 Contoured Keyboard by Kinesis

The proven 3-dimensional concave design of this latest version of the Kinesis Contoured Keyboard family delivers unparalleled levels of comfort and productivity for touch typists of all shapes and sizes. The Advantage2 ensures a neutral ergonomic interface for a wide range of touch typists, from 4' 6" to 6' 4". Anyone who considers their keyboard a core tool for their job should consider this keyboard. It is the only keyboard which goes beyond the wrist and addresses the ergonomics at the level of the fingers, intelligently redistributing the repetitive activity associated with typing to minimize the potential of fatigue. This keyboard is especially popular with keyboard intensive users including programmers, transcriptionists, writers and web content developers.

This newest revision to the well-known Advantage keyboard has several improvements over the previous model. Cherry ML tactile mechanical keyswitches have replaced the elastomer keyswitches on the function row at the top of the keyboard. A comprehensive Smart Set Programming Engine allows users to build and save multiple custom keyboard layouts, reducing repetitive or awkward keystrokes and maximizing productivity. Far more and longer macros are now supported, with up to 100 unique macros of 200 characters now available to meet the needs of the most discerning user. It is PC and Mac compatible, and includes additional hard-wired features such as unlimited custom key remapping, macro playback speed, optional audible key clicks and keyboard status reports. For a complete list of what changed from the Advantage to the Advantage2, please see this overview on the Kinesis web site.

The KB600 is the most popular model of the Advantage2, with standard QWERTY key legends and Cherry Brown tactile keyswitches. This keyboard is also available with Cherry Red linear keyswitches (KB600LF), dual legended QWERTY-DVORAK key legends (KB600QD) and with an eye-catching painted silver gloss finish (KB605).

For more information on the Advantage2 Contoured Keyboard, see the Keyboards - Alternative Layout product line page in our online catalog.

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