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Amazone Balance from Score

Amazone Balance from Score

The Amazone Balance saddle style chair from Score is an excellent solution for users concerned about ergonomics and wanting to move away from static seating. The Amazone combines the posture-correcting benefits of a saddle seat with the "Balance" mechanism that permits the seat to continuously shift and adjust in response to user movement throughout the day.

The Balance mechanism is located directly below the seat, enabling the seat to move and shift with any body movement. In order to accommodate the diverse requirements of users the degree of resistance on the movement is easily adjusted with a few turns of the ring located just below the seat. This ring also doubles as a height adjustment release meaning that there is no need to reach and find a single lever when height adjustment is required, as the ring is accessible at any position.

The saddle of the Amazone Balance is a slightly narrower fit or "cut" than many other saddle seats and has a moderate pommel rise at the front, enabling it to work well for a large group of both male and female users from average to petite. The narrower cut also means that it can accommodate positions higher than the 45° downward thigh angle commonly recommended for saddle sitting. This can be of value in situations such as dental care where the greater stability of a "standing" position is required while still having the supported benefits of "sitting". The posture created by the Amazone Balance means that most users will find roughly half of their weight supported by the chair with the balance shared between the feet.

Currently the Amazone Balance is available with premium 2-tone Red/Anthacite Stamskin® artificial leather for extreme durability and comfort.

For more information on the Amazone Balance from Score, see the Seating - Dynamic Seating product line page in our online catalog.

Freestyle Pro Keyboard from Kinesis

Freestyle Pro Keyboard from Kinesis

The Freestyle Pro Keyboard from Kinesis Corporation integrates proven ergonomics and TenKeyLess design in a mechanical keyboard packed with the latest in custom programmability and performance. The result is a keyboard that offers the advanced functionality that high performance users demand while providing the same ergonomic benefits that tens of thousands of everyday computer users have enjoyed for years.

Based on the proven ergonomic design of the Freestyle2 and its predecessor, the Freestyle Solo, the Freestyle Pro is an adjustable, separated keyboard offering considerable ergonomic benefits. The Freestyle Pro Keyboard is divided into two separate modules. The two sides are connected by an adjustable linking cable that can be adjusted in length from 10" to 20". This separation allows users to position the left and right sides of the keyboard shoulder width apart, allowing the shoulders, elbows, arms and wrists to relax in an anatomically neutral position. This greatly improves posture and blood flow in the upper body, prevents undesirable rotation at the shoulders, and eliminates ulnar deviation at the wrist.

The symmetrical, compact design (achieved by eliminating the 10-key numeric pad) reduces the reach for the mouse for both left- and right-handed users while still providing numeric keypad entry via the embedded numeric keypad. Users who want a stand-alone numeric keyboard have the option of adding either the Low Force Tactile Numeric Keypad or the Freestyle2 Keypad for PC.

The Freestyle Pro Keyboard is equipped with Cherry MX Brown tactile mechanical keyswitches with an activation force rating of 45 grams. This tactility in conjunction with the audible click on activation is intended to assist users in reducing the degree of unnecessary force and overall effort by notifying them when downward movement is no longer required.

The feature-rich Freestyle Pro Keyboard is packed with power. The SmartSet Programming Engine supports on-the-fly remapping of any key and the 4 MB onboard memory (the v-Drive) can store up to 9 dual-layer fully programmable layouts for instant access or program-specific commands. The left hand module also features a convenient bank of 8 pre-programmed keys for one-touch access to common shortcut and navigation commands. High speed typists will appreciate the full NKRO mode and 100% Anti-Ghosting design that means no lost keystrokes or commands. A 1 ms response time (1000 mhz polling) means instant response for the performance-minded. Media controls are easily accessed via the embedded FN layer that remains available regardless of which custom layout you are currently working with.

The Freestyle Pro Keyboard will fully function with Windows 7-10, Mac OSX v10.6+, Chrome OS, or Linux and comes pre-programmed in default QWERTY layout. As a bonus both Mac and Dvorak secondary layouts are also pre-programmed and ready for access. Mac users will appreciate the option of creating a true "Mac" layout using the 4 included Mac keycaps. The included keycap puller will make keyboard customization to Dvorak or custom layouts quick and easy.

For more information on the Freestyle Pro Keyboard, see the Keyboard - Adjustable/Separatedproduct line page in our online catalog.

Featured Products

LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle for LEVO G2 Tablet Stands

LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle for LEVO G2 Tablet Stands

The LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle for LEVO G2 Tablet Stands is an ideal replacement for LEVO's Bungee cradle/platform. It works with any size tablet up to 12" (from iPad mini to iPad Pro), including the tablet's case (except for the iPad Pro). The clamping ends are also removable in anticipation of different shapes for future tablets.

Tablets are easily secured to the clamp with the easy slide of a lever on the back of the clamp. It is designed so that you can attach or detach your tablet in seconds. In some cases, the clamp will also hold many smart phones.

For more information on the LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle, see the Accessories - Tablet Products product line page in our online catalog.

Machine Cart (Monitor Riser) with Storage Shelves from AIData

Machine Cart (Monitor Riser) with Storage Shelves from AIData

The Machine Cart (Monitor Riser) with Storage Shelves is a multipurpose modular and reconfigurable office accessory that easily integrates into any office space. This product is designed as a 3-shelf rolling cart that can easily serve as a printer stand while offering 2 additional storage shelves and a drawer. However, the modular design lets it be quickly converted to both a 2-shelf cart and a convenient Monitor Riser or Laptop Stand for desktop use. In addition the segmented modular legs can be configured to change shelf heights, clearance between shelves, or for height adjustment when one of the shelves is used as a monitor riser or laptop stand. The Machine Cart with Storage Shelves is designed to support up to 75 lbs. of combined weight. The rear of each shelf incorporates a simple cable management guide to aid in keeping a neat workspace. The shelves also features a front slot able to hold a tablet or phone in angled vertical position if being used as a monitor stand or desktop storage and has trays at both sides to hold a smart phone or other smaller office accessories. One shelf also has a storage drawer with removable dividers to provide additional enclosed storage. Each shelf has overall dimensions of 21.6" by 13.8" which includes a 14" W x 13" D flat surface which then tapers slightly down to provide access to the shallow storage areas on each side.

Note:If deploying one of the shelves to the desk as a monitor riser or laptop stand be sure to install the included rubberized base segments. These provide stability on the desk and should always be installed. Caps for the top corners provide a clean finish whether assembled as just a cart or if split into two sections - there are 8 caps included. The cap must be removed from the top of each column before the units can be stacked.

For more information on the Machine Cart (Monitor Riser) with Storage Shelves, see the Accessories - Monitor Acessories product line page in our online catalog.

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