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New Products

RollerMouse Free3 by Contour Design

RollerMouse Free3 by Contour Design

The RollerMouse Free3 by Contour Design is the lowest profile RollerMouse model in the RollerMouse family of products. At only 0.9" high, this low profile mouse will seamlessly work with most standard rectangular-style keyboards without getting in the way while typing. The Free3 boasts several improved features over its predecessor, including more and faster speeds (10 speeds from 600 to 2800 dpi), two new buttons for forward and back in most internet browsers, more padding in the new built-in wrist support for added comfort, and an aluminum base on the underside of the unit for increased strength and stability. In addition, the rollerbar has been redesigned with a new sensor, allowing for more precise cursor movements, so that the cursor can easily move over multiple screens. As many users now work with two or more screens, these added features ensure that the Free3 will easily work with the overall screen size of such users.

The Free3 also comes in either a wired or wireless version, so that those who want to reduce extra wires or complicated cable management have the choice of going wireless. The wireless version has an on/off switch to save on power if needed, as well as a small receiver (USB) that can be securely stored in the magnetized battery housing when not in use.

For more information on the RollerMouse Free3 Wireless, see the Mice - Alternative product line page in our online catalog.

501-37 Series from Conset

501-37 Series from Conset

The 501-37 Series from Conset follows an open design concept, giving lots of open space between the base legs as there is no lower crossbar. The height-adjustable base allows the entire workstation to be raised and lowered easily and quickly at the touch of a button for variable tabletop widths (from 46" to over 60"). The Triple Nested Column design ensures stability throughout the 26" range of adjustment. In addition, the frame height adjusts from 21" to 47" at 1.2" per second with a lift capacity of 220 lbs. The Anti-Squeeze Protection System will automatically engage if the resistance increases noticeably while the table top is moving down. (Note: it is important to add the thickness of the table top to the frame height to determine the final working height.)

The 501-37 bases support a wide variety of table tops ranging in width from 46" to over 60" and in depth from a minimum of 18" to a maximum of 30".

For more information on the 501-37, see the Sit-Stand Solutions - Electric Workstations product line page in our online catalog.

Featured Products

PIVOT Seat from Focal Upright Furniture

PIVOT Seat from Focal Upright Furniture

The PIVOT Seat from Focal Upright Furniture is the next addition to their stylish line of sit-stand seating. Building on the proven designs of the MOBIS and MOGO seats, Focal Upright has incorporated features from both of these into the new PIVOT Seat.

The rounded pivot base ensures that the user is actively engaged with the PIVOT throughout the day. The PIVOT Seat offers a much greater degree of movement than the MOBIS as users can freely rotate up to 360º, leaning or pivoting as desired. As with the MOGO there is no fixed base to force the user to remain facing a specific direction - rotating or pivoting to another direction can be done at will. The rubber Octogrip Overmold on the base ensures that a user is secure in whatever posture they adopt. However, unlike the MOGO which cannot stand on its own, the PIVOT Seat features a weighted base which automatically returns the seat to an upright position - ready for the next use.

The weighted base of the PIVOT Seat also exerts a subtle force, encouraging a user to maintain a degree of active tension in the core muscles to maintain the desired optimum position. This also means that users who wish to be active while sitting can easily employ the range of movement the PIVOT offers to achieve this goal. The wide range of height adjustment and the ability to angle the seat by tilting forward enables the user to easily choose between active sitting and leaning (or any posture between).

The EVA Foam cushion on the PIVOT Seat features built-in sitz bone contours for support and a waterfall edge to reduce pressure on the upper legs and promote healthy circulation.

For more information on the PIVOT Seat, see the Sit-Stand Solutions - Seating product line page in our online catalog.

Imagine Work Surface by Microthin

Imagine Work Surface by Microthin

The Imagine Work Surface by Microthin is an exceptionally thin (0.38 mm) desk pad made of one single ply of antibacterial, chemically inert polyvinylchloride (PVC). The top is ideally suited to provide a precise tracking surface for optical and laser mice. The patented “sure-grip” bottom securely adheres to any smooth surface. Simply clean the mounting surface, press down firmly and the Imagine Work Surface is secured. This desk pad seamlessly integrates on the worksurface and is easily cleaned to the desired degree, using hot water or even soap, industrial cleaners and disinfectants (for applications where hygiene is a prime concern).

The Imagine Work Surface also functions well as a writing surface superior to most common desk surfaces. While protecting the desk surface it provides a convenient surface on which to jot down notes on paper. The surface can even be written on directly with wet erase pens. Due to the matte finish on the pad, there will be no issue with glare off the surface.

The Imagine Work Surface provides plenty of surface area for unrestricted movement of even the largest of specialized ergonomic mice. The large dimensions let users set their mouse pointer speed lower and engage the larger muscles of the arm for mouse movement, rather than relying on micro-movements of the fingers and wrist, actions which greatly increase the risk of RSI and associated injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

For more information on the Imagine Work Surface by Microthin, see the Mouse Accessories product line page in our online catalog.

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