Ergonomics Professionals are listed alphabetically by city.



Company Name: ERGO Inc.

Contact: Marnie Downey, M. Sc., C.K., CCPE
Address: 1889 Innisbrook St., Innisfil, ON L9S 5A3
Phone: (705) 436-4504
Email: downey@ergoconsulting.ca
Web Site: www.ergoconsulting.ca

Areas of Specialization: Office and Industrial Ergonomic Consulting and Training, Ergonomic Risk Assessments, Physical Demands Assessments, Ergonomics Program Development, Job Suitability Assessments, Return to Work Programs, Occupational Health and Safety.

Company Name: PROergonomics

Contact: Alexandra Stinson, B.Sc., R.Kin, CCPE
Phone: (647) 729-4454
Email: info@proergonomics.ca
Web Site: www.proergonomics.ca

Areas of Specialization: Free Monthly Webinars, Office Ergonomics Assessments, Physical/Cognitive Demands Analysis, Ergonomic Risk Assessments, Workstation Layout/Design Reviews, Ergonomics Program Development and Training.


Company Name: Dynamic Ergonomics Inc.

Contact: Scott Blad
Address: 255 Brant Avenue, Brantford, ON  N3T 3J4
Phone: (519) 759-8383,  Toll Free: (866) 990-ERGO
Email: Scott Blad: sblad@dynamicergonomics.ca
Web Site: www.dynamicergonomics.ca

Areas of Specialization: Office Ergonomics, Industrial Ergonomics, Ergonomic Training, Functional Abilities, Evaluations, Physical Demands Analysis, Post-offer/Pre-placement Screening.


Company Name: Reliance Rehab Associates Inc.

Contact: Aimee Grodski
Address: 5353 Lakeshore Road, Burlington, ON  L7L 6S2
Phone: (905) 351-4869 
Email: info@reliancerehab.ca
Web Site: www.reliancerehab.ca

Areas of Specialization: Office Ergonomics Assessments, Office Ergonomic In-services, Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention In-services, Physical Demands Assessments, and Physiotherapy Services.


Company Name: Taylor'd Ergonomics Inc.

Contact: Carrie Taylor, M.Sc., CCPE, CPE
Address: 38 Water Street South, Cambridge ON  NIR 3C5
Satellite offices: London, St. Marys, and Mississauga
Phone: (519) 623-7733
Email: ctv@taylordergo.com
Web Site: www.taylordergo.com

Areas of Specialization: Physical Demands Analysis, Office and Industrial Ergonomics Assessments, Design Reviews for Planned Ergonomic Equipment, Tools, and Layouts, Heat Stress Policy Program Development.


Company Name: Options Incorporated

Contact: Kirsti MacAulay
Address: 22 Westmount Road, Guelph ON N1H 5H2
Phone: (800) 813-4202
Email: kmacaulay@oiweb.com
Web Site: www.oiweb.com

Areas of Specialization: Ergonomics, Human Factors and Usability.

Company Name: Kinetic Kare Inc

Contact: Marny Mason
Phone: (519) 766-5078
Email: marny@kinetickare.com
Web Site: www.kinetickare.com

Areas of Specialization: Ergonomics Education and Office Ergonomics, MSD Prevention and Training, MSD Prevention Program Support, Performance Solutions, Ergonomics Assessments and Design, Job Matching and Accommodation.


Company Name: Ergo-Dimensions

Contact: Linda Meerveld, CCPE, Registered Kinesiologist
Address: 252 Park Row S. Hamilton, ON L8K 2K5
Phone: (905) 741-8885
Email: linda.meerveld@ergo-dimensions.com
Web Site: ergo-dimensions.com

Areas of Specialization: Ergonomic Risk Assessments, Equipment and Tool Design, Training in Ergonomic Risk Identification and Assessment, Job Demands Analysis, Return to Work Programs.


Company Name: Phoenix OHC, Inc.

Contact: Lindsay Hadcock, B.Sc.E., M.Sc.
Address: 401 - 837 Princess St., Kingston, ON K7L 1G8
Phone: (613) 544-4046
Email: lh@phoenix-ohc.ca
Web Site: www.phoenix-ohc.ca

Areas of Specialization: Office and Industrial Ergonomics Assessments, Physical/Job Demands Analysis (PDA/JDA), Purchasing and Design Reviews, Return to Work Programs, Ergonomic Risk Assessments, Educational Seminars and Custom Program Development.


Company Name: WorkSafe

Contact: Andrew Reitzel, M.Sc. Biomechanics
Address: 71 Graystone Avenue, Kitchener, ON N2M 4T2
Phone: (519) 498-5000
Email: andrewreitzel@worksafeergo.com
Web Site: www.worksafeergo.com

Areas of Specialization: Physical Demands Assessments, Office and Industrial Ergonomics Assessments and Training, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Ergonomic Committee Training, Tool and Equipment Design Assessment and Specialized Product Development and Fabrication.


Company Name: Gowan Consulting

Contact: Nancy J. Gowan, B.H.Sc.(O.T.), OT Reg (Ont), CDMP
Address: 166A Currie Road, Dutton, ON N0L 1J0
Phone: (888) 752-9954
Email: gowanhealth@gowanhealth.com
Web Site: www.gowanhealth.com

Areas of Specialization: Disability Management, Return to Work Strategies, Office and Industrial Ergonomic Solutions, Corporate Training Programs.

Company Name: Meridian Spine and Joint Work Strategies

Contact: Nathan Birtch
Address: 201 - 350 Oxford St. London ON N6G 1T3
Phone: (519) 471-7900
Email: nbirtch@spineandjointcentre.com
Web Site: www.meridianhealthgroup.ca/sjpc

Areas of Specialization: Office and Industrial Ergonomics, Return to Work Programs, Functional Abilities Assessments, Pre-employment Screening, Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy.


Company Name: Barantas Inc.

Contact: Chris Ursulak, B.Sc.(H.K.), RKin, CRSP
Address: #26 - 2410 Lucknow Dr., Mississauga ON L5S 1V1
Phone: (416) 410-4470
Cell: (416) 471-1654
Email: info@barantas.ca
Web Site: www.barantas.ca

Areas of Specialization: Construction, Heavy Industrial and Transportation Workplace Ergonomic Design, Ergonomics Program Design, Ergonomics Education and Safety Inspections.

Company Name: ERGO Inc.

Contact: Rachel Mitchell, MSc, CCPE, R.Kin. Ergonomist
Phone: (647) 535-4220
Email: rachel@ergoconsulting.ca
Web Site: www.ergoconsulting.ca

Areas of Specialization: Onsite Ergonomic Assistance, Ergonomic Risk Assessments, Office Ergonomics, Ergonomic Training Workshops (1 hour - 3 days), Ergonomic Lunch and Learns, Return to Work Assessments, Physical and Cognitive Demands Assessments, Job Accommodation and Job Suitability Assessments, Post-offer Testing, Job Rotation and MSD Prevention Programs.

Company Name: Gowan Consulting

Contact: Melanie Weller, B.H.Sc. (O.T.), OT Reg (Ont.)
Address: 783 Four Winds Way, Mississauga ON L5R 3W8
Phone: (905) 507-8727
Email: gowanhealth@gowanhealth.com
Web Site: www.gowanhealth.com

Areas of Specialization: Disability Management, Return to Work Strategies, Office and Industrial Ergonomic Solutions, Corporate Training Programs.

North Bay

Company Name: Therapeutic Solutions

Contact: David Henschel
Address: 10 Vermont Cr, North Bay ON P1C 1N1
Phone: (705) 476-2757
Email: therapeuticsolutions@sympatico.ca
Web Site: www.therapeuticsolutionsnorthbay.com

Areas of Specialization: Office Ergonomics, Ergonomic Assessments, Orthopedic Physiotherapy.


Company Name: ErgoPrime Inc.

Contact: Pam Grills MSc, CCPE
Address: 15 Horner Drive, Ottawa, ON K2H 5E6
Phone: (613) 721-9220
Email: pam@ergoprime.com
Web Site: www.ergoprime.com

Areas of Specialization: Office and Industrial Ergonomics, On-site Ergonomics Assessments, Rapid-Return-To-Work, Job Coaching, Physical Demands Analysis, Customized Injury Prevention and Ergonomics Training, Ergonomics Program Development, Workstation Design Evaluations.

Company Name: Fitness for Freedom

Contact: Jonathan Chant
Address: 1701 Mallard Ave., Ottawa, ON  K2C 1A1
Phone: (613) 226-8251
Email: info@fitnessforfreedom.com
Web Site: www.fitnessforfreedom.com

Areas of Specialization: Ergonomic Assessments, Corporate Wellness Packages, Mobile Kinesiology Services, Personal Training.

Company Name: Louman Ergo Concepts

Contact: Lou Laflamme
Address: 10E Daybreak St., Ottawa, ON  K2G 6T9
Phone: (613) 686-4556
Email: louergo@gmail.com
Web Site: www.loumanergoconcepts.com

Areas of Specialization: Office Ergonomics, Assessments, and Training. Specialized Ergonomic Solutions for People with Disabilities.


Company Name: Adaptive Health Care Solutions

Contact: Keith Nelson, Hon.B.Kin., C.K.
Address: 150 O'Carroll Avenue, Peterborough, ON K9H 4V3
Phone: (705) 874-1221 ext. 27
Email: adaptivehealth@cogeco.net

Areas of Specialization: Disability Prevention and Management Services, Ergonomics Assessments, Job Analysis (physical and psychosocial), Post-offer Functional Assessments, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Return to Work Facilitation and Education Workshops.


Company Name: E.K. Gillin and; Associates Inc.

Contact: Paul Schuster, BHK, CK
Address: 356 Ontario St, Suite 362, Stratford, ON N5A 7X6
Phone: (519) 662-3819, Toll Free: (888) 771-6754
Email: ekginc@ekginc.com
Web Site: www.ekginc.com

Areas of Specialization: Ergonomics Professional Development Training, Ergonomics, Return to Work Injury Management, Occupational Health and Safety.

Thunder Bay

Company Name: Human Works Inc.

Contact: Peter Watson, B.Sc., H.B.Sc., M.Sc., CCPE
Address: 1, 124 North Rockwood Ave., Thunder Bay, ON P7A 6A4
Phone: (807) 768-2278; Toll Free: (866) 656-6604
Email: humanwks@tbaytel.net
Web Site:www.humanworksinc.com

Areas of Specialization: Office Ergonomics Assessments, Vehicle Ergonomics, Physical Demands Analysis, Cognitive Demands Analysis, Product Design and Testing, Industrial Workstation Assessments, Control Room Design, Design and Layout.


Company Name: Ergo Comfort

Contact: Ross Bye
Address: 33 Hazelton Avenue, Suite 248, Toronto, ON M5R 2E3
Phone: (416) 449-1899
Email: ErgoComfort@gmail.com
Web Site: www.workingcomfort.ca
Web Site: www.workingcomfort.com

Areas of Specialization: Office Ergonomics Assessments, Ergonomics Design and Implementation.

Company Name: Ergo-Motion Consulting

Contact: Drew Smith
Address: 2306 - 1 Yonge Street Toronto ON M5E 1W7
Phone: (416) 613-8037
Email: ontario@ergo-motion.com
Web Site: www.ergo-motion.com

Areas of Specialization: Office and Industrial Ergonomics.

Company Name: Fitting Solutions Ergonomics for Office and Home Interiors

Contact: Birgitta Savoie, B.A., B.Sc.
Phone: (416) 322-1051
Email: fittingsolutions@interlog.com
Web Site: www.fittingsolutions.org

Areas of Specialization: Office Ergonomic Assessments, Workstation Set-Up and Design, Office Ergonomics Program Development, Employee Education and Training.

Company Name: Focus on Ergonomics

Contact: Farzana Ismail, B.Sc., CCPE
Address: 21 Overlea Blvd, Suite 1009, Toronto, ON M4H 1P2
Phone: (647) 979-3746
Email: info@focusonergonomics.com
Web Site: www.focusonergonomics.com

Areas of Specialization: Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Risk Assessments, Physical and Job Demands Analysis, On-site Ergonomics Training, Lunch-and-Learn Sessions in Office Ergonomics.

Company Name: Optimal Performance Consultants

Contact: Jane Sleeth
Address: 305 - 90 Sherbourne St., Toronto ON M5A 2R1
Phone: (416) 860-0002
Email: jsleeth@optimalperformance.ca
Web Site: www.optimalperformance.ca

Areas of Specialization: Office and Industrial Ergonomic Assessments, Job Demands Analysis, Ergonomics Training.

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