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New Products

Twin Adjustable Saddle Stool from Kanewell

Twin Adjustable Saddle Stool from Kanewell

The Twin Adjustable Saddle Stool from Kanewell offers users a comfortable split-saddle seat with the added benefit of width and angle adjustment for a personalized fit. The Twin Adjustable Saddle Stool is well-suited for use in active office environments, at raised counters or elevated workstations, or anywhere the user needs to be able to move into close proximity to the working area--such as dental, medical, or veterinary practices. The upright posture provided by the saddle-seating encourages better back posture, provides a much greater range of movement than that available from traditional seats, and enables virtually effortless movement about a workspace. The split-saddle is designed to reduce pressure points and improve airflow for a cooler and more comfortable experience, especially during longer periods of concentrated work. The Kanewell Twin Adjustable Saddle Stool has a slightly narrower profile than similar split saddles, a feature that might offer greater comfort to users with larger thighs. Another key difference is the degree of padding that makes the Kanewell Adjustable Twin Saddle Stool more forgiving for users whose body contours do not match the contours of the saddle foundation.

The Adjustable Twin Saddle Stool from Kanewell features a thick layer of polyurethane foam which creates a firm but cushioned seating surface. Genuine top-grain leather provides a flexible and breathable surface and large diameter casters offer smooth movement throughout the workspace.

The two halves of the seat are adjustable for separation and angle of splay, and the seat as a whole can be tilted forward if desired. Three models, each offering a different height range, are available to allow users of all statures to select the most practical range for the tasks they engage in. Optional accessories include a footring to provide stability and comfort support when the chair is elevated (the height of the footring is adjustable independently of the height of the chair) and fixed glides to replace the casters.

For more information on the Twin Adjustable Saddle Stool, see the Chairs - Office product line page in our online catalog.


L-Trac GLOW from Clearly Superior Technologies

Clearly Superior Technologies just added a cool factor to their line of L-Trac high-performance trackballs. The new L-Trac GLOW offers all the same functions of other L-Trac models but with a unique new look--a backlit translucent ball that glows a vibrant blue.

The L-Trac GLOW uses the same quality components that have enabled Clearly Superior Trackballs to develop a reputation for reliability and performance under demanding conditions. The precision-ground ball and mirror-finished rollers deliver a smooth-as-silk feel and effortless control. The ball on the L-Trac GLOW is 28% lighter than the traditional ball used in other L-Trac models, resulting in a reduced load on the fingers.

The L-Trac GLOW features high performance laser optical tracking with selectable resolutions of up to 1600 CPI. Button selectable resolutions enable rapid changes of sensitivity while maintaining full control of the trackball. The high performance laser navigation system is capable of tracking at greater than 20 inches per second. This means the user can fly around the screen with a flick of the finger or snap from one side of the screen to the other with a healthy flick of the arm. Either way, this precision, high performance pointing device produces predictable, quick and precise motion that becomes intuitive in a few minutes of use. The scroll wheel is smooth and readily accessible, located above the center button. Dynamic acceleration, enabling users to fly across the screen in response to the speed with which the trackball is moved, is hardwired into the L-Trac GLOW.

The design is completely ambidextrous, accommodating either right or left-handed users. The extra large ball and contoured profile allow for easier control and accommodate hands of all sizes--from children's to adults'. The lighter weight of the ball on the L-Trac Glow makes it a good option for children or those who have limited strength in their fingers.

For more information on the L-Trac GLOW, see the Mice - Trackballs product line page in our online catalog.


Featured Products

Back App Ergonomic Chair from Back App

Back App Ergonomic Chair from Back App

The Back App Ergonomic Chair from Back App was created to gently exercise the core muscles from a seated position. The unique design, featuring Back App's "Magic Ball," puts the chair into a state of slight but constant (and tip-proof) imbalance. With the ball at its centre, the Back App Chair shifts every time the user moves, causing the user to engage the core muscles constantly and almost imperceptibly to reorient and to maintain balance. The degree to which the seat shifts can be adjusted using the Magic Ball. The ball can also be fully retracted to create a rigid base if desired. A rubber bumper pad underneath the aluminum base cushions the movement of the base from side to side, and also serves to protect flooring.

The seat is styled as a saddle, and is heavily cushioned. The seat features a wrap-around bolster to encourage the forward tilt of the pelvis that brings the spine into proper alignment. An optional wheeled base is available for those who prefer to move around the work space. (The range of movement is not affected when the seat is on the mobile base.)

The seat's Alcantara artificial suede covering provides a secure seating surface and is breathable for comfort.

For more information on the Back App Ergonomic Chair, see the Chairs - Office product line page in our online catalog.


Number Slide Compact Keyboard from Posturite

Number Slide Compact Keyboard from Posturite

The Posturite Number Slide Compact Keyboard helps to reduce the risks associated with overreaching for the mouse without sacrificing the convenience of an integrated numeric keypad. Housed within the body of the keyboard, the numeric keypad remains tucked out of the way until needed, allowing the user to keep the mouse within the Comfort Zone. When the number pad is needed, it slides easily and smoothly into position.

The keyboard has soft-touch chiclet (or island-style) keys. At 19 mm, the key pitch (i.e. the distance from the left edge of one key to the left edge of the adjacent key) is the same as the key pitch on a standard-sized keyboard. The keyboard is equipped with two USB ports and has PROTX2™ antimicrobial product protection incorporated into the materials. At only 11.6" wide (with numeric keypad retracted) and 15.3" (with keypad extended) the keyboard is well suited to mobile applications or to occasional use in confined spaces.

For more information on the Posturite Number Slide Compact Keyboard, see the Keyboards - Compact product line page in our online catalog.


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